Date: August 01, 2017
Author: Christian Puccini

Management Liability Claim scenario: OH&S

Steven McInerney from MGA Insurance Brokers The following claim example outlines an Occupational Health and Safety scenario wherein an employee was killed in the carrying out of his work duties.This example is a lesson in itself and is indicative of both the importance of adequate insurance coverage for golf clubs, and also the need for clubs to thoroughly regulate and ensure sufficient OH&S standards are met. 

Coverage Section: Occupational Health & Safety

An employee was killed whilst working as a result of a live electrical wire in the employer’s premises. WorkCover commenced investigations and a subsequent prosecution of the club and it’s elected management, for failing to have in place a safe work environment according to occupational health and safety legislation. The clubs Management Liability policy met the directors’ costs of representation for the investigation and prosecution.


Orders were made for improvements to the work place and systems for ensuring safety. However, when those improvements were not completed by the time a further inspection occurred, proceedings were taken and further pecuniary penalties were issued as and where applicable. The company’s policy met the penalties imposed on the directors and the defence costs of the proceedings.  

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