Date: October 04, 2007

Matthew Griffin blogs from Argentina

After our clubs finally arrived late Tuesday night we really battled with jet lag with Scott Arnold getting no sleep and myself about five hours. Wednesday was a am-am with our tee times in the afternoon. We started with clouds looming and managed to play eight holes before a huge storm hit, cancelling the rest of the round and the opening ceremony. So we begin tomorow having only played eight holes and our practice limited. We have to make the best of it though and if we can play solidly round on day one, we can move into the tournament from there. The course is nice, very tight and has small greens. It will be extremely wet given the rain so it will play longer than its normal length which is relatively short. The weather is quite humid in general and between 20-27 degrees. It&aposs supposed to rain most of the week. Argentina is very interesting place with some very rough areas and shanty towns. The area where we are staying is quite nice although there are many run down streets and shops. The people are very nice with most having basic english skills. The drivers are nuts though and very hard to get around by car! I just want to send a quick hello and good luck to the boys in Taipei at the moment. Hopefully they can play some good golf on Thursday and Friday to bring the title home again. Cheers, Matt