Date: August 06, 2015

Membership Offers

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Want to join a club in your local area?

Throughout the month of October, clubs throughout Australia will offer a range of memberships to best suit your golfing needs.

Why join a golf club?

Australia is fortunate to arguably have the best array of golf courses in the world.  In total there are approximately 1,500 golf clubs providing a variety of membership options and opportunities.

The benefits of joining a golf club are extensive and include:

• Developing life-long friendships

• Camaraderie, community and a sense of belonging

• Access to a golf course

• The certainty of arranging a game at a given time

• Playing in competitions or just for fun

• The chance to contribute to a club and local community

• Health and wellbeing, the benefits of regular exercise

Click here to find membership offers and activities in your area.