Date: May 10, 2016
Author: Tom Fee

MEN: NSW sticking to world class aim

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New South Wales and Victoria were the big winners on the opening day of the Men’s Interstate Series, going undefeated in their opening two contests at Brisbane Golf Club.

After being tested by Tasmania in the morning in their 5.5-1.5 victory, the Victorian outfit grinded out a 4.5-2.5 victory over South Australia in a tight contest with most matches going to the 17th hole or beyond.

New South Wales backed up their heart racing 4-3 victory over hosts Queensland with a 6-1 defeat of the Northern Territory to sit equal top with Victoria with a 10-4 record.

It was a long day for all teams who endured two rounds on the opening day, and NSW representative Travis Smyth said he was looking forward to unwinding tonight.

"We're all tired and keen to have some dinner and go to sleep, but at the end of the day we all played well," said Smyth.

"We stuck to our game plans, didn't everything we could and we got the win in both of our matches so we're sitting pretty good."

While the NSW men only have to go back to 2012 to relive their last win in this event, their state team is undergoing a clear revival after a few years away from being a real threat in the competition. Smyth spoke of how his coaching staff have set the bar as high as possible, and feels this will be reflected in their results.

"We've got a motto this week and it's world class", said Smyth.

"We plan to do everything we can in our power, from the way we present ourselves tothe way we play our matches. I think world class is two good words to decribe everything and that's what we've done so far."

The heavily favoured West Australians will be disappointed to have dropped their opening encounter with South Australia, but bounced back by defeating Tasmania 6-1.

Queensland, Tasmania and the Northern Terriroty all sit at the bottom end of the standings. Queensland will only be looking up, having played just one match against the pre-tournament favourites in NSW and taking them to the final hole.

Men's live scores  
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