Date: October 28, 2014
Author: Golf Australia

Men’s Senior Match Play underway

angatta Tweed Heads Golf Club presented windy conditions on the first day of the 2014 Australian Men's Senior Match Play Championship.

Upsets were the talk of the clubhouse with 28th ranked Terry Davis from NSW accounting for the defending champion Ian McPherson with a 4&3 victory, while local member Dave Morrison (ranked 27th) proved too strong for 6th ranked David Limbach in a 2&1 victory.

It took everything for number 2 ranked player Denis Dale to get a win over 31st ranked player Paul Fink from Victoria, taking it to the 24th hole before prevailing.

In Round 2 it was an upset that again set the tongues wagging with the number 1 seed from Victoria, Gordon Clayney being downed 4&3 by the 16th ranked Steve Toyne from Qld.

With the highly ranked seeds dropping like flies, it opens up the championship to any of the remaining 8 players.

2014 Australian Men's Senior Match Play Championship – Results Round 1– G Claney (Vic) bt R Dale (NSW) 4&2,  S Toyne (Qld) bt T Kennings (NSW) 4&2, B Tippett (Vic) bt T Box (Qld) 2up, A Bullas (Vic) bt L Browne (NSW) 4&3, R Vandersluis (NSW) bt P Towle (Qld) 1up, J Banting (WA) bt P Harvey-Walker 3&2, I Mcpherson (WA) lt T Davis (NSW) 4&3, I Frost (Vic) bt T Bailey (Tas) 2&1, D Dale (NSW) bt P Fink (Vic) 24th, M Peeck (Qld) lt B Sams (NSW) 4&3, S Ballard (NSW) bt R Banks (NSW) 5&4, C Hallam (Qld) bt R Croker (NSW) 5&4, V Clark (NSW) bt P Singh (Qld) 6&4, G Stanford (NSW) bt D Tapper (NSW) 2&1, D Limbach (NSW) lt D Morrison (Qld) 2&1, P King (Qld) bt P Moyle (NSW) 6&5.

2014 Australian Men's Senior Match Play Championship – Results Round 2– G Claney (Vic) lt S Toyne (Qld) 4&3, B Tippett (Vic) bt A Bullas (Vic) 19th, R Vandersluis (NSW) lt J Banting (WA) 3&2, T Davis (NSW) lt I Frost (Vic) 2up, D Dale (NSW) lt B Sams (NSW) 2&1, S Ballard (NSW) bt C Hallam (Qld) 5&3, V Clark (NSW) bt G Stanford (NSW) 20th, D Morrison (Qld) lt P King (Qld) 3&2.