Date: October 30, 2015
Author: Golf NSW

Michele Adair joins Golf NSW Board

Golf NSW welcomes Michele Adair as its newest Board Member.  Ms Adair was elected by the Council during the Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday, 28th October. 

Chris Allen, Golf NSW Chairman says, “We are thrilled to have Michele on board. Her achievements in governance, strategic planning and change management will add value to the organization as we move to the next level in our business.”

Michele Adair had a distinguished career in strategic planning and change management before transitioning from the corporate world to executive roles in the health and community sector. She has extensive governance experience and has served on a number of boards and government committees for over 20 years.

Ms Adair says “I’m so excited about joining the Board of Golf NSW and about the future of the game. Golf is a sport with enormous relevance and benefits for health and wellbeing, preserving green open space, and as a focal point for communities.”

Having worked for several charities, Ms Adair said charity golf days have been a vital source of funding for years and deserve more recognition.

“Whether it’s a small country town raising $2,000 for their rural fire service or an elite corporate day raising $100,000 for a rare disease like cystic fibrosis, golf is uniquely positioned to make a contribution to communities everywhere”.

Golf doesn’t have to be expensive or overly time-consuming. However Ms Adair acknowledges the sport can do more to appeal to younger players, women and more culturally diverse communities. It’s an area she’s keen to address.

Thanks to the handicapping system people with very different skills can enjoy a game together. It’s gentle on the body so it’s common to see people still playing after their 80th birthday, and most golf courses are very scenic.”

Soccer calls itself the world game but Ms Adair thinks golf deserves that title. “You see, feel and experience dramatic differences playing along the coast, in the mountains or in the bush. And with the weather, no two games are ever the same even on the same course”. 

Ms Adair is one of nine Directors on the Golf NSW Board. The 2015-2016 Directors are:  Chris Allen, Gemma Dooley, Frank Gal, Alan Harrison, Peter Mitchell, Lynne Ritchie, John Robinson, and Andrew Tharle who was re-elected to the Board.