Date: August 19, 2016
Author: Christian Puccini

Mid North Wins Split Sixes Event at Jamestown GC

Congratulations to the Mid North Ladies were the winners of the 2016 Split Sixes competition played at Jamestown Golf Club in ideal conditions on Monday the 8th August. 

66 Women from The Mid North, Yorke and Northern Districts competed in the annual Split Sixes Competition earlier this month.  A great concept which challenges low to high handicappers, Split Sixes puts everyone on a level playing field as they compete for their own District.  This Competition also not only unites old friends but enables players from these Districts to mix, share their love of golf and competition, and make new friends.  The course at Jamestown Golf Club was in great condition thanks to the had work of volunteers and groundpeople at the club.

The Mid North District team was made up of women players from clubs within the Mid North District, plus a few women from the other Districts to help even out the teams. 

Congratulations to the Team on the Day – Gloria Potter (Captain), Tanya Allan, Lucy Bashford, Kathy Smith, Emma Faint, Kerren Mugge, Di Day, Peg Gebhardt, Helen Day, Glenys Pierce, Tine Perry, Chris Fitzner, Janet Zweck, Julieanne Smith, Andrea Rowe, Jill Taylor, Cherie Taylor, Dawn Grieg, Carol Farley, Wendy Wilson, Mitzi Elix, Callie McCallum, W.Dunkley.

Results – Mid North 832 points ; Northern 794 points ; Yorke 750 points

Highest Point Winners: A Grade Emma Faint (MN) & Longest Drive ; C Grade Tanya Allan (MN); NTP Chris Fitzner (MN)