Date: February 05, 2016
Author: Alex Tigani

Millar finds his groove at Oates Vic Open

There may not have been any aces across this morning’s second round action but reigning New Zealand PGA champion Matthew Millar (ACT) certainly added to the highlights package.

After battling the creek course and finishing one stroke under par yesterday, the 39-year-old gained some momentum with some early birdies after teeing off from the 10th beach hole.

However it was not until he reached the halfway mark where he would receive a large round of applause from the tournament’s onlookers after landing an eagle on the marquee hole.

“That was my highlight, it was at the end of my front nine, a nice eagle on the 18th hole of the beach course,” said Millar.

“It was a bit breezy but I don’t think you can ever go to 13th Beach and not expect it to be breezy.”

“I had a good drive, a really good second shot and I was then able to hold a 27-foot putt so that wasn’t too bad.”

Millar was the third day leader at the 2015 Australian Masters tournament and is well in contention for a title this weekend as he is now ranked in the top 10 (five strokes under par).

However there’s always room for improvement for Millar, who is also a golf mentor and teacher in his spare time.

“I would have been more satisfied if I hadn’t shot a three-putt early and the bogey on my final hole where it landed in the fairway trap,” said Millar.

“I’ve played with Michael Sim (WA) the past two days and he’s played particularly well, he could have actually made a few more putts along the way today.”

Throughout the morning’s session, the attendance numbers of the tournament sky-rocketed as men, women and school children followed each playing group with gusto.

“Its definitely a great tournament and obviously the format, being men’s and women’s, has really sort of boosted it for both groups of spectators,” said Millar.

“The golf clubs are excited and the people from around Geelong especially really get around it.”

“Everyone at Golf Victoria should be recognised for getting the tournament where it is today; particularly with the prize money where it is as it can be very difficult to do given where the economy is today.”

He added, “I think all the guys are enjoying it out there, they’re all enjoying playing at such a good facility.”