Date: February 25, 2015

Miracles at Latrobe

I am not sure what the odds are for a hole-in-one, let alone 2 of them, same hole, same group, consecutive shots. However, looking at Tony Tarrant and Rod Cahill swing before the result was known would lengthen even those long odds significantly.

A Sunday morning stroke event around the magnificent Latrobe fairways transformed to a historic day at the club. Playing in a three ball, Gary Mann was enjoying the honour after a super birdie on the previous hole. He stood back after squandering this position with a slightly off putting effort into the left hand trap. He watched the irony of golf reveal itself in front of him.

Tony Tarrant, a Richmond Tiger fanatic has been struck with a golf game that dissolves itself on the green. So much good work is often undone by a flat stick that refuses to move as intended. When his well struck hybrid landed and rolled into the hole, the excitement of the hole-in-one was matched by the feeling of relief that the putter for at least this hole would stay in the bag and do no damage.

Up stepped Rod Cahill, himself a Carlton Blues man, grappled with one of the hardest tasks in golf, the shot after a hole-in-one. His 6 Iron shot was in-flight better than the motion that moved it and the bright flame of history started to burn brightly. Gary Mann watched it fall into the hole, blankly stating ‘That’s gone in too’ however both Tony and Rod’s eyesight could not confirm it yet. The walk towards the green added to the anticipation with no balls visible until there they rested, together at the bottom of the hole.

The joy of a hole-in-one is hard to explain, a golfer’s dream that happens generally when it is least expected. To share it immediately with a friend must be emotionally staggering. A miracle and it happened at Latrobe. What of Gary you may ask? Well he tapped his ball in a few minutes later, a double bogey 5 – the equilibrium of golf was restored.

By: Anthony Craswell (Latrobe Golf Club)