Date: October 03, 2013
Author: Monash Country Club

Monash’s Narelle Moffat achieves 2x Hole-in-Ones

Monash Member Narelle Moffat played golf on Friday 27th of September in a social round. Lucky for Narelle she was playing with other ladies who witnessed her Hole-In-One on the 17th hole. As she was playing a social game the H-I-O doesn’t get recognised, however she didn t mind and had a glass of Champagne to celebrate. Narelle then played on Tuesday, 1st October in the ladies competition. Standing on the tee she was asked, Show us how you did it. by her partners. Incredibly, she did it again!…Two Hole-In-Ones on the same hole on two consecutive games of golf. We are not sure what the odds are for such an accomplishment, but congratulate Narelle on her tremendous feat!