Date: May 04, 2015
Author: MyGolf

MyGolf Centre of the Month: April 2015

When category five Cyclone Yasi roared across the North Queensland coast in February 2011, the town of Cardwell wasn’t spared.

Yasi didn’t miss much, including the Cardwell Golf Club which has subsequently required enormous support to rebuild the course and clubhouse.

After receiving private donations, support from the government, the Cardwell Reconstruction Company, sponsors and Cardwell members, the Cardwell Golf Course was restored and is now one of the best country courses in Far North Queensland.

Having only one registered junior at the club and an ageing membership, MyGolf co-ordinator Paul Busst believes the MyGolf program is a great way to bring juniors to the club to help boost its future.

With many residents leaving town after the cyclone, Cardwell Golf Club decided to run the MyGolf program to provide an introduction to golf for the students who remained at Cardwell State School.

“Golf is not a common sport among primary school children. But by partnering with a local school, the MyGolf program introduces children from all economic and social backgrounds to the game and gives them the ability to learn new skills and have fun,” Busst said.

Cardwell Golf Club embarked on its first MyGolf session on Wednesday, April 29. But the club already has an impressive 47 juniors enrolled in its term 2 program and 17 juniors signed up for the term 3 program.

Cardwell anticipates having more than 80 juniors participate in its MyGolf program by the end of term 3 — a fantastic result for the club.

“Cardwell Golf Club is excited to be a part of the MyGolf program and our ambition is to continue to run the program so the participants can progress through the Rookie, Star and Master levels,” Busst said.

Busst strongly feels the MyGolf program will help grow Cardwell Golf Club and the game of golf within the community.

Congratulations to Paul and his team at Cardwell Golf Club on a fantastic achievement. We look forward to seeing your success continue.