Date: June 26, 2015
Author: MyGolf

MyGolfer of the Month: June 2015

The MyGolf Team congratulates June MyGolfer of the Month, Aubrey Xiao, from Croydon Hills, Victoria.

Aubrey’s first golfing experience was at the age of four, when she played a few rounds of mini-golf at her local facility.

Aubrey’s desire to take up golf continued to grow and eventually resulted in her joining the MyGolf program at Gardiners Run Golf Course last December.

MyGolf coordinator, Aaron Cox, has been impressed with how far Aubrey has come along in such a short time.

“Aubrey has attended every Wednesday class and all school holiday programs with great enthusiasm,” Cox said.

“She has achieved Master status within the Gardiners Run program at the age of seven.”

Aaron is particularly amazed at how quickly Aubrey’s golf swing has improved and how well she is striking the ball with her long irons.

“As for her chipping, she is one of the best at the club!” said Cox.

“Aubrey has improved dramatically in such a short time. She has reached all the goals that have been set for her and is an absolute pleasure to teach.”

Congratulations Aubrey, and keep up the fantastic work! Your MyGolf Coordinator is extremely proud of you.

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