Date: November 11, 2015
Author: Davids Tease - Golf NSW

Nagle set to honour Kel’s legacy

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arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>Jake Nagle is proud to honour the family name when it comes to his late Grandfather Kel Nagle’s golfing legacy.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>And tomorrow, at 6.45am, Kel’s memory will be honoured once more with Jake having the duty of playing the opening tee-shot on the first hole to get the 2015 NSW Open Golf Championship underway.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“The whole naming of the trophy (the Kel Nagle Cup), and this honour is pretty special for the family,” Jake says.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>Joining Jake as he plays his first round in the tournament will be his brother on the bag acting as his caddy, and his parents in the gallery watching on as well.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“Mum has never seen me play before,” he says. “So it’s a doubly big occasion for her.”

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>Nagle, Head Professional at Queanbeyan Golf Club is the only one of Kel’s grandsons to have taken to Professional golf. He took up the game relatively late as well.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“I only started playing the game when I was 16, before that all I wanted to do was play Rugby,” he says.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>Kel’s legacy to the game means a lot to Jake, and carrying it on is important to him.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“It’s very rare your Pa is your hero,” he says. “But he was always to me.”

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>Jake knows there will be some nerves and plenty of emotion on the first tee tomorrow. He’s hoping to not be too overcome by it all and put up a good showing – one worthy of the Nagle name.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“With the occasion it will be good if I can just get a nice drive away,” he smiles.


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