Date: March 04, 2013
Author: Cameron Smith

National Squad Diary: Cameron Smith

This month I have been asked to write something about my recent win at the Australian Amateur. I guess I want to talk about not giving up in anything, no matter how far down and out you are, quitting is never an option. As some of you may know, I was five down through the first 18 holes. He (Geoff Drakeford) beat me fair and square, he played outstanding the first 18 holes, I knew I needed to lift my game and put some pressure on. My first thoughts after the 18 holes were about getting back to the basics of the game. Fairways and greens were absolutely essential to create pressure, and then I had to hole the putts. It sounds so easy when you put it like that. But it wasn&apost, it was grind through the middle of the second nine and I found myself just making one shot up in the first nine. So I was four down with nine to play. Giving up is not my thing, and from that point on, I got in a bit of a groove. I then proceeded to win seven holes in a row, and win the match three up with two holes to play. At some point during the whole match, I could have given up, but in not doing so the outcome was in my favour. So no matter what the situation never give up, things can turn around quicker than you think.