Date: November 14, 2016
Author: Junior Golf Queensland

New app for junior golf in Queensland

Golf Queensland today unveiled an all-new app delivering all the best news and views that Junior Golf Queensland has on offer, all in the one place.

Available for both iOS and Android, the Junior Golf Queensland app will be the junior golfers’ new best friend.

The app features the latest news, events calendar, social media and membership information. It also allows for push notifications, meaning the young golfer will never miss out on any important information.

Golf Queensland Participation Development Manager, Adrian Hewat said Junior Golf Queensland was excited about embracing new technology to communicate with it’s members.

“Our members will be able to access their membership profile and nominate for events with just one touch of a button,” Mr Hewat said.

“The Junior Golf Queensland app will be a central hub for information pertaining to junior golf in Queensland and I encourage all members to download the app to their mobile devices.”

The Junior Golf Queensland App is now available for download from the iTunes (iOS) or Google Play (Android) app stores.

To download simple search for ‘Junior Golf Queensland’ or if you are reading this from your mobile device, you can click on the following link to view our Mobile App launch page which contains direct links to each store.