Date: August 01, 2012
Author: Golf Australia

New CEO for golf club software supplier Micropower

Leading golf club software supplier Micropower has appointed Craig Kinross as its new CEO. Micropower offer services to approximately 300 clubs nationwide, including The Victoria Golf Club, venue for the Australian Amateur in 2011. Mr. Kinross said I am delighted to be leading the Micropower team into the future. Micropower has been an important part of my life for the last few years and I have personally put in a lot of energy as we strive to become the leading integrated software solutions company in our target industries. The main objective for Mr. Kinross in this role is to support his team in delivering solutions and services for customers. I am a keen sportsman with particular interest in rugby, cricket and golf. As such, I have always had a close affiliation with clubs and appreciate the role they play in our community. We will aim to work with the clubs and industry to ensure we provide leading solutions for their needs Mr. Kinross said.