Date: May 03, 2007

New driver rule approaching

With the 1st of January 2008 now only eight months away, Golf Australia wishes to remind golfers, golf clubs, golf associations, club distributors, and retail outlets that they should continue to plan for the full introduction of the new Rule relating to drivers. First promoted and reported in Australia in 2003, this Rule will limit the spring-like effect a driver may exhibit. Whilst the United States Golf Association (USGA) already has the new Rule in place for all golf in America, The R&A decided to introduce a grace period for regular golf in the countries within its jurisdiction (which include Australia). (Many major amateur and professional golf competitions all over the world have already adopted the new regulation as a condition of competition including in Australia.) The grace period will continue to operate for club competition golf (and some elite competitions) in Australia up until 1/1/2008. (Note The R&A and USGA are golf’s international governing bodies and are responsible for the Rules of Golf. Golf Australia is the governing body for the Rules of Golf in Australia.) The status of a driver can be checked via the Golf Australia website which makes two lists available; a list of drivers which will conform to the Rules of Golf as at 1/1/2008, and a list of drivers which will not conform to the Rules of Golf as at 1/1/2008. Click here to view the lists. Any driver marketed prior to the 1st of January 1999 is automatically considered to be conforming and on the Conforming List (unless specifically ruled otherwise). For people looking to purchase a driver, the vast majority of new clubs on the market will conform to the new Rule, so it is those buyers looking at used clubs who are most likely to find the lists particularly helpful. The new Rule states that as at 1/1/2008 a player&aposs driver must not have a characteristic time greater than 257 microseconds when tested on pendulum apparatus approved by R&A Rules Limited. For further information, please contact your state association or Simon Magdulski at Golf Australia.