Date: August 06, 2015

New Formats

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Speedgolf is a fun, fast, and fitness based alternative to traditional golf that involves playing a round of golf in the shortest time and the lowest possible number of shots. Find out more at

Big Hole Golf

Making golf faster, easier and a more enjoyable experience amongst golfers of all abilities, Big Hole Golf is fast growing throughout Australian golf facilities. With 8inch cups, golf just got a whole lot easier! For more information, go to

Disabled Golf – Empower Golf

Facilitating and promoting golf for all abilities, Empower Golf Australia is establishing partnerships with golf courses across the country to promote and raise awareness of disabled golf and the great benfits for those that participate.

The below video showcases what golf means to many disabled individuals. For more information go to


Combining the popular sports of football (soccer) and golf, FootGolf is played on a golf course, with an oversized hole with players kicking a soccer ball into the hole in the fewest ‘shots’ possible. This is an exciting and innovative way to get involved in golf. Check if there is a Foot Golf facility near you, and for more information, got to

Urban Golf

From in the streets, to your lounge room and in the heart of the city, Urban Golf is a fun and safe sport which can be played by anybody. For more information go to

Click here to find some of these great innovative golf formats in your local area