Date: December 15, 2016
Author: Caddie Magazine

New golf print magazine launched

The launch of Caddie Magazine Volume One delivers a fresh and unique approach to the world of golf through a focus on beautiful photography and authentic international stories.

Caddie is an innovative, pioneering brand bringing fresh energy and perspective to the game of golf: staying true to its soul, while elevating its future.

Their new 130-page biannual boutique print publication is for people who love golf, people who love to travel, and especially those who love both. And it’s clear there’s a strong audience for it – Caddie successfully raised 151% of their Indiegogo campaign target in November.

“We’re really proud of the incredible collection of stories and stunning visuals that we’ve curated for Volume One,” says Melbourne based founder William Watt, acclaimed photographer and self-described golf addict. “It captures the places golf takes you, the characters you meet and the unique culture it creates.”

How is Caddie different from other golf mags? “No articles about the pro tour, no gear reviews and definitely no swing tips,” says William. “Golf is so much more than just a game. No one else is sharing these incredible stories” Volume One covers Tasmania’s breathtaking Barnbougle Dunes and Lost Farm; a rare fairway interview with Australian indie band Client Liaison; exposes on Golf in Film; the unknown art of Speed Golf; as well as feature spreads from Norway’s Northern Lights and Manila’s Old Walled City, Intramuros.

Caddie is pro-adventure, unisex, fun, and inspiring – a truly international publication that is as much for the non-golfers as it is for the diehards. “Golf is for everyone,” adds William: “the young and the old, women and men – and even people who’ve never played the game.”

Though they’re the new kids on the block, Caddie have already been embraced by the golfing establishment – producing recent digital campaigns for both Golf Australia and Golf Victoria – both of which view Caddie as a force for good in helping inspire the game’s much needed invigoration.

Keen to get your hands on a copy? Head to to order online and view the full list of stockists.