Date: January 04, 2009

New rankings systems up and running

Golf Australia s new Amateur Ranking Systems are now underway and will provide players, as well as the industry, a great opportunity to monitor the movements in the standings across all age groups at the peak of men’s and women’s amateur golf. For 2009, Australian Amateur Ranking Systems will be conducted in six categories open men and women, boys and girls and senior men and senior women. The player with the highest points average at 31 October 2009 will be recognised as the winner of their respective Ranking System. The Australian Amateur Ranking Systems are provided as a service to Australian golf as well as to achieve the following objectives: To replace the use of handicaps as the primary entry standard for national amateur championships. This will provide a fairer and better outcome for players, and Golf Australia encourages all other domestic operators of elite amateur events to consider adopting the same improved procedure. To be used as a supporting tool for team selection. To increase participation in the events which count towards a player s Ranking Average. Each System will be points-based, and will operate over a 12-month rolling period. All National Championships and each State s Amateur Championships in the respective Systems will count towards a player s average, in addition to various other major events nominated by the States, including those which have been National Ranking Events in the past. Players points are determined by their finishing positions in each event and the events themselves will be weighted with the events traditionally attracting the strongest fields being awarded the most points. The Systems are sure to be highly competitive and will provide vast interest for amateur golfers of all ages and genders, in particular Girls and Senior Women where previously there has been no similar ranking system operating. The Karrie Webb Series will continue to operate in conjunction with the Women’s Open Ranking System. For further information please click here.