Date: October 14, 2014
Author: Golf NSW

New South Wales Open – Beginnings

ril 1931, it was decided that an Open Championship of New South Wales, open to Amateurs and Professional residents in New South Wales, be played on a suburban course over 72 holes stroke play before the 1st December 1931.  Messrs. Andrews, Harrison and Dr. Sydney Jones were tasked to form a sub-committee to select the course and manage the event. 

New South Wales is the third State in Australia to host their open championship event. Western Australia were the front runners hosting their event in 1920, followed by Queensland five years later. 

The inaugural NSW event was held on 20 and 21 November 1931 at the Manly Golf Club. Dr. P. Sydney Jones reported on behalf of the Match Committee that "the recently held Close Championship had proved an undoubted success." 

The first event was contested by 42 professionals and 38 amateurs whose handicap did not exceed nine strokes.  T. E. Howard, C. Gray and V.S. Richardson recorded a three-way tie of 303, followed by leading amateur and Ryde's left-hander Noel Craig who finished on 304. Charlie Gray (147) won the inaugural event after a 36-hole play off against T. E. Howard (148).

A Championship Cup was presented to Gray to hold for one year and permanently record his feat. A replica was also presented for Gray's permanent possession. The winner and runner-up received an additional 15 and 10 pounds respectively. 



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