Date: June 06, 2017
Author: Dave Tease

Newcastle, ACT take out Inter-District Challenges

Newcastle and the ACT-Monaro have claimed their respective inter-district challenges against the Central Coast and GolfIllawarra last weekend.

The juniors proved to be the key for the Newcastle representative squad, claiming all three foursomes matches on Saturday before claiming four of their six singles games on Sunday.

Jye Pickin, the NSW Boys Junior team captain, led the way, combining with Connor Benjamin to win their foursomes match 5&4 before he recorded an 8&7 win in the Sunday singles.

Other junior winners for Newcastle were Luke Ferrier, Josh Robards, and Brij Ingrey.

The colts and seniors were much tighter affairs, with the foursomes matches finishing all square on Saturday.

Despite the Central Coast Senior men grabbing a four games to 2 win over the Newcastle Seniors on Sunday, the Novocastrians got the result they wanted with victory in the Colts division. After wins from Bryce Pickin, Kane Burt and Jordyn Ward.

The final result after two days of competition at Pacific Dunes Golf Club was Newcastle 14 – Central Coast 10.

In a much tighter affair, the ACT – Monaro prevailed over a competitive GolfIllawarra outfit at the Heads Golf Club, 12 1/2 matches to 11 1/2.

GolfIllawarra held a one-match lead after a strong showing in the Saturday foursomes. However, despite GolfIllawarra dominating the Sunday morning Men's matches, it was the form of the ACT-Monaro Junior and Colts results that tipped the challenge the way of the Team from the nation's capital.

ACT-Monaro Juniors Lachlan Chamberlain, David Howard, Aaron Maxwell, and Brett Levier were all victorious in the singles, while Colts Jake Davies and Jarrod Hunt also had wins.


ACT-Monaro DGA Vs GolfIllawarra

Saturday Foursomes (ACT first):
Josh Reid & Jordan Ayre (ACT) defeated Anthony Brunero & Danny Nesbitt (GI) 4/2
Lennon Thurtell & Mick Cochrane lost to Ian Asbury & Mark Johnston 2/1
Stefan Tuionetoa & Josh Campbell lost to Jason Ward & Steve Webb 7/6
Ross McLoughlin & Scott Nolan defeated Tom Holz & Dylan Humphries 5/4

Jake Davies & Robbie Furner (ACT) lost to Connor Bond & James Malin (GI) 1up
Kris Cole & Jarrod Hunt lost to Jamie Krzysczak & Lachlan Maddison 5/3

Lachlan Chamberlain & Brett Levier (ACT) defeated Jackson Hall & Tom Heaton (GI)3/2
David Howard &Aaron Maxwell Squared with Luke Taylor and Will Daibarra

Sunday Singles
Josh Reid lost to Anthony Brunero 4/3
Jordan Ayre defeated Danny Nesbitt 4/3
Lennon Thurtell lost to Jason Ward 1up
Stefan Tuioneta lost to Steve Webb 2/1
Nick Cochrane lost to Mark Johnstone 1up
Scott Nolan lost to Tom Holz 4/3
Ross McLoughlin lost to Ian Asbury 6/5
Johs Campbell defeated Dylan Humpries 4/2

Jake Davies defeated Lachlan Maddison 2/1
Kris Cole Squared with Jamie Krzysczak
Robbie Furner Squared with Connor Bond
Jarrod Hunt defeated James Malin 2/1

Lachlan Chamberlain defeated Tom Heaton 5/4
David Howard defeated Luke Taylor 4/3
Aaron Maxwell defeated Jackson Hall 4/2
Brett Levier defeated Will Daibarra 3/2


Central Coast DGA V Newcastle DGA

Saturday Foursomes (CCDGA first):
Tim O’Regan & Keiren Jones (CCDGA) def Ben Hillard & Mick Coutman 1up
James Swanson & Max Duffy Squared Justin Ely & Mick Wade
Cobie Campbell & Dave Willett lost to Steve Hassett & Mark Rota 1up

Reece Oliver & Corey Jones (CCDGA) lost to Brayden Petersen & Bryce Pickin 2up
Beau Billet & Shaun Brownlow defeated Kane Burt & Jordan Ward 1up<

Jake Kable &Liam Gocher lost to Jye Pickin & Connor Benjamin 5/4
Dylan Grogan &Eden Middleton lost to Luke Ferrier & Josh Robards 6/4
Shayde Binder & Curtis Lanarch Squared Brij Ingrey & Harry Cleare

Sunday Singles
Keiren Jones defeated Ben Hillard 2/1
James Swanson defeated Justin Ely 2/1
Max Duffy lost to Mick Wade 4/3
Cobie Campbell lost to Mick Coutman 2/1
Tim O’Regan defeated Mark Rota 4/2
Dave Willett defeated Steve Hassett 2/1

Corey Jones defeated Brayden Petersen 3/2
Reece Oliver lost to Bryce Lickin 5/4
Beau Billet lost to Kane Burt 1up
Shaun Brownlow lost to Jordan Ward 1up

Liam Gocher lost to Jye Pickin 8/7
Jake Kable los to to Luke Ferrier 6/4
Curtis Lanarch defeated Connor Benjamin 5/3
Shayde Binder lost to Josh Robards 3/2
Eden Middleton lost to Brij Ingrey 1up
Dylan Grogan defeated Harry Cleare 2/1