Date: August 12, 2013
Author: Jack Newton Junior Golf

Newtown Public Proves You Can Play Golf Anywhere


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Think you can’t have a golf program at your school because you don’t have a huge grassy oval? Think again!!!

With Jack Newton Junior Golf and the MyGolf Schools Program it is easy for your school to run a successful golf program in a limited space and on any surface.

A shining example of this is Newton Public School. When they began the program they had a large field at the local park, which they used on a regular basis. When they were told they could no longer use this area they had to rethink how they would keep their successful golf program running.

Enthusiastic teacher, Bruce Scott loved the program so much he decided to keep it but run it in the asphalt basketball court area within the school grounds. The school buildings and fences surround this space yet the students still enjoy hitting chip, pitch and long shots using the PVC rubber balls. The unique equipment used in this program enables teachers to deliver a golf program on any surface and any space, even inside school halls. The putting component of the program at Newtown Public School takes place in the school hall or on a small synthetic grass area.

There are two classes of Year 5 and 6 students participating in the program and one of the students, Adam Coull from Bardwell Valley Golf Club, assists in running the classes. The students from Newtown Public School are making great progress in their golfing ventures and in September will be taking part in a Schools Gala Day at The Coast Golf Club. Here they will play in competition against other school students who are also completing similar golf programs at their own schools.

Newtown Public School is a fantastic example of making a golf program accessible to all students no matter what the circumstances. They hope more schools in the area join them in running programs like this and are keen to have an interschool competition with local schools down at the Marrickville Golf Club.

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