Date: August 20, 2015
Author: Golf NSW

NSW Golf Club to launch Caddie Program

New South Wales Golf Club is about to launch a caddie program that will see the Club advertising for caddies to work with local and international visitors. It will allow local applicants to be trained in the art of caddying and the rules and etiquette of golf. The program will provide a foundation for a career as a professional caddie as well as the opportunity for younger golfers to gain experience as well as access to practice their own game at NSW GC. NSW GC, situated on Cape Banks at La Perouse, is rated the 14th best course outside the USA by Golf Digest and 33rd in the world overall.

From almost as soon as the Club was established in 1928, there was a corps of caddies, then from the local indigenous community and for the next 50 years, caddies were a feature at NSW GC. In the end, there was a mix of Koori and non ­Koori caddies reflecting changes in the local community.

While pull carts and electric buggies saw the loss of caddies at the Club, there has been a long­ term desire to re-establish a practice within a formal program that provides more than just a casual job.

Because of NSW GC’s reputation amongst golfers worldwide, the Club has a steady flow of international visitors, many from America and the UK where professional caddies remain part of the game at many courses. Navigating around NSW GC, especially for the visitor who is out to enjoy one of golf’s real experiences, is made all the easier with an experienced Caddie. Caddies will all be trained, appropriately kitted out with their own amenities and caddie master and work in much the same way as caddies for professional golfers. Steve Williams, MNZM has agreed to be Patron of the NSW GC Caddie program. He has served as caddie for several top professional golfers, most recently with Adam Scott. Williams is best known for having served as Tiger Woods' caddie from 1999 to 2011.

Jack Coaty, an American professional caddy has also been enlisted to help set up the program. Local community and indigenous leaders have expressed their support and enthusiasm as the initiative can open avenues not only for short ­term employment and training but longer ­term careers in the game of golf. All caddies on the program will work for the golfers they are assigned to and all caddie fees will go to the caddie. There is no expectation that a high percentage of golfers, especially members, will use caddies all the time. Indeed it is believed the service is likely to be used by mainly international visitors, as well as by members in certain competition rounds.

Interested in being a trained caddie at New South Wales Golf Club?
Please contact Ross Kirby, Golf Manager on 02 9661 4455 or at