Date: February 08, 2013
Author: The Hon Graham Annesley MP

NSW Government responds to protect integrity of sport

The Hon Graham Annesley MP, Minister for Sport and Recreation MEDIA RELEASE – Thursday 7 February 2013 NSW GOVERNMENT SUPPORTS FEDERAL INITIATIVES TO PROTECT THE INTEGRITY OF SPORT NSW Minister for Sport and Recreation, Graham Annesley, today committed the full support of the NSW Government in assisting Federal and State authorities to aggressively attack any threat posed to the integrity of sport by drug cheats or corrupt individuals more interested in financial gain than the ideals and values that underpin the very viability of sport. Mr Annesley said, I personally abhor the damage these selfish and greedy individuals are doing to the historical culture of sport and sportsmanship which is part of our national psyche. Last year the NSW Government was the first to introduce tough new laws to deter cheating and corruption specifically in relation to match fixing, including a maximum 10 year gaol sentence for anyone found guilty of such an offence. Whilst today s announcement doesn’t surprise me – it deeply saddens me. As I said in my maiden speech to Parliament, the growth of gambling on sporting events, particularly the more exotic bet types, is potentially the most significant threat to the integrity of sport we have ever confronted. However I do feel sorry for the vast majority of sports men and women who compete within the rules yet now have a cloud of suspicion hanging over their heads because of the actions of the unscrupulous minority, Mr Annesley said. Minister for Hospitality and Racing, George Souris, also welcomed the initiative announced today regarding the investigation of infiltration of organised crime and the use of illicit drugs in sport. As Minister Annesley has pointed out, NSW now has the first and toughest laws in the country regarding match fixing or corrupting the betting outcome of a sporting event. This includes all three racing codes. It is vital that anyone betting on the outcome of a sporting or racing event or anyone following a sporting event should be able to do so with full confidence that it is on the level, Mr Souris added. NSW Attorney General, Greg Smith SC said: NSW is ahead of the game on match fixing. Our tough match fixing laws were introduced almost six months ago, after a comprehensive report by the Law Reform Commission and extensive consultation. The NSW government has led the way in cracking down on cheats who seek to corrupt sport by being the first jurisdiction to introduce such laws.