Date: September 17, 2014

NSW Open Course Overview

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Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club is Sydney’s first Greg Norman designed championship golf course, and sits at number 67 on Golf Digest's list of Australia's top 100 golf courses.

Located just a short 45-minute drive from the Sydney CBD in the heart of Greater Western Sydney, Stonecutters Ridge is easily accessible from the M7 Westlink motorway and the nearby commercial centres of Castle Hill, Rouse Hill and Blacktown. The course is the centrepiece of North-West Sydney’s premier residential golfing community.

The stunning 18-hole par 72 layout is in a class of it’s own – a rare blend of character, beauty and resort style quality, with features like wide rolling fairways, and large undulating greens. It can be challenging for the games’ best players while providing an unforgettable experience for members and guests alike. An architecturally designed clubhouse compliments the course  and provides a spectacular viewing platform to watch from as players complete their rounds. 

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1st Hole .520m Par 5
The only par 5 on the front 9. A generous driving hole with a wide open fairway. A hazard runs the entire length of the left side and out of bounds is far to right.

2nd hole 398m Par 4
One of the toughest par fours on the course. Anything down the left side requires a long second shot over 3 large deep bunkers.

3rd hole 388m Par 4
Dogleg right with a large tree in the centre of the fairway that must be negotiated with the second shot. A water hazard hugs the right hand side of the green.

4th hole 343m Par 4
Water hazard hugs the right hand side of the fairway and the green is guarded by three large bunkers on the left hand side.

5th hole 320m Par 4
Short hole with fairways bunkers left and right in the landing area. The long Narrow green is guarded by a hazard at the front and bunkers on the left and right.

6th hole 176m Par 3
The only par 3 on the front 9, deep bunkers emerge from the hazard along the left hand side of the green.

7th hole 322m Par 4
A water hazard runs the full length of the fairway. Bunkers cascade down the rise behind the hole setting the green in a natural amphitheatre.

8th hole 394m Par 4
Wide fairway with a generous landing area. Large Deep bunkers guard the left hand side of the green.

9th hole 388m Par 4
The toughest hole on the course, with bunkers running along the right hand side opf the fairway. A bunker protects the left hand side of the green and large, deep collection areas will grab anything that misses the putting surface to the right.

10th hole 508m Par 5
The first of three par 5’s on the back nine, Fairway bunkers along the right grab the shorter hitter, while the longer hitters must avoide the ones along the left. A layup second shot will leave an approach to a long narrow green that has a water hazard along the right hand side.

11th hole 148m Par 3
Stonecutter’s signature hole. Deep bunkers spill down the hill from the elevated green. A Back right pin can be particularly intimidating from the tee.

12th hole 386m Par 4
A dog-leg over a rise. Fairway bunkers on the left mean a long blind second shot is often required to a green nestled in a grove of trees. A bunker protects the green and is wrapped around a mature tree, making shot selection a challenge.

13th hole 355m Par 4.
Elevated tee to a fairway that slopes up between bunkers on the left and right. Two of the largest and deepest bunkers on the course protect the green.

14th hole 370m Par 4.
Another elevated tee shot, however the tiered green sits well above the fairway and is well protected by two deep bunkers on the right hand side and another bunker back left of the putting surface.

15th hole 494m Par 5
A long straight Par 5 with a wide fairway framed on both sides by long native grasses. A solitary bunker around 50 metres from the front of the green offers a challenge for the second shot. A bunker on the left hand side of the green offers its only protection.

16th hole 181m Par 3
An elevated tee shot to a green protected by a water hazard front and left. Bunkers and native grass protect the back of the green.

17th hole 151m Par 3
Large sloping green with bunkers front and left present a tough choice for any flag cut on the left hand side of the putting surface.

18tgh hole 493m Par 5
A long tee shot over native grasses with Out of Bounds left and right. Reachable in two shots, the green is protected by deep bunkers left and right.