Date: October 13, 2006

O’Connell The New Senior Women�s Amateur Champ

Wendy O&aposConnell (QLD) takes out the title after tight battle with Jacqui Morgan (NSW) at the 2006 MFS Australian Senior Women&aposs Amateur Championship at Bribie Island Golf Club, Queensland. Jacqui Morgan started well winning the first two holes. Wendy slowly clawed her way back winning the 4th and 7th hole to bring the match back to square. From here it was a very even match with Wendy finally being able to take out the title with a beautiful shot into the 18th green. The other Champions of the day were Deirdre Brander (NSW) winning the Championship Flight, Margaret Leary (TAS) winning the Veterans Flight, Jean Liddy (QLD) winning the Super Veterans Flight and Marjorie McFarlane (TAS) winning the Handicap 17-22 Flight. Full Results are listed below. FRIDAY 13TH OCTOBER Championship Final (Starts at 8.24am) Wendy O Connell (QLD) defeated Jacqui Morgan (NSW) 2up 1st Hole – Won by Morgan with a par 4 2nd Hole -Won by Morgan with a birdie 4 3rd Hole – Halved in par 5s 4th Hole – Won by O&aposConnell with a birdie 2 5th Hole – Halved in par 5s 6th Hole – Halved in par 4s 7th Hole – Won by O&aposConnell with a par 3 8th Hole – Halved in bogie 5s 9th Hole – Won by O&aposConnell with a birdie 3 10th Hole – Halved in par 5s 11th Hole – Halved in par 4s 12th Hole -Won by Morgan with a par 5 13th Hole – Halved in bogie 5s 14th Hole – Halved in par 3s 15th Hole – Halved in par 4s 16th Hole – Halved in par 3s 17th Hole – Won by O&aposConnell with a birde 4 18th Hole – Won by O&aposConnell with a birdie 3 Score will be provided after 9 holes for the following finals: Championship Flight Final (Starts at 8.18am) Deirdre Brander (NSW) defeated Jean Thomas (QLD) 2/1 Veterans Flight Final (Starts at 8.12am) Margaret Leary (TAS) defeated Belle Gillian (QLD) 1up Super Veterans Flight Final (Starts at 8.06am) Jean Liddy (QLD) defeated Joyce Smith (VIC) 5/4 Handicap 17-22 Flight Final Marjorie McFarlane (TAS) defeated Pauline Lyons (QLD) 2 up Thursday 12th October Championship Semi Finals (Starts at 12.30pm at 6 minute intervals) Jacqui Morgan (NSW) defeated Sylvia Donohoe (NSW) 5/4 Wendy O Connell (QLD) defeated Fay Payne (QLD) 3/1 Championship Quarter Finals Sylvia Donohoe (NSW) defeated Gia Stolz (Qld) 2/1 Jacqui Morgan (NSW) defeated Gloria Hickey (NSW) 2/1 Fay Payne (QLD) defeated Christine Gordon (NSW) 7/6 Wendy O Connell (QLD) defeated Sandy Hose (QLD) 2/1 Championship Flight Semi Finals Deirdre Brander (NSW) defeated Yvonne Stanes (QLD) 3/2 Jean Thomas (QLD) defeated Velma Harding (QLD) 3/2 Veterans Flight (60 65 years) Semi Finals Belle Gillian (QLD) defeated Jenny Sowton (SA) 5/3 Margaret Leary (TAS) defeated Wendy Jobberns (QLD) 1 Up Super Veterans Flight (66+) Semi Finals Jean Liddy (QLD) defeated Helen Stewart (VIC) 6/5 Joyce Smith (VIC) defeated Kerry Regan (NSW) 6/5 Handicap 17-22 Flight Semi Finals Marjorie McFarlane (TAS) defeated Judy Harvey (QLD) 3/1 Pauline Lyons (QLD) defeated Phyllis Fourte (QLD) 2 Up Wednesday 11th October Championship (top 16 positions) Sylvia Donohoe (NSW) defeated Claire Jackson (QLD) 3/2 Gia Stolz (QLD) defeated Lyn Hancock (WA) 7/6 Jacqui Morgan (NSW) defeated Josie Ryan (QLD) 2/1 Gloria Hickey (NSW) defeated Dorothy Retschlag (QLD) 1 Up Christine Gordon (NSW) defeated Judy Kruger (VIC) 1 UP Fay Payne (QLD) defeated Abby Driver (QLD) 7/5 Wendy O Connell (QLD) defeated Val Davidson (NSW) 2/1 Sandy Hose (QLD) defeated Nicky Moon (ACT) 2 Up Championship Flight (positions 17 -24) Yvonne Stanes (QLD) defeated Libby Broomhead (SA) 1 Up Deirdre Brander (NSW) defeated Helen Chittock (QLD) 5/4 Velma Harding (QLD) defeated Lu Proud (TAS) 2 Up Jean Thomas (QLD) defeated Margaret Lally (QLD) 6/5 Veterans Flight (60 65 years) Quarter Finals Belle Gillan (QLD) defeated Lynette Hughes (QLD) 5/4 Jenny Sowton (SA) vs Susan Crooke (QLD) won on a forfeit Wendy Jobberns (QLD) defeated Shirley Walsh (ACT) 1 Up Margaret Leary (TAS) defeated Sandra Gillies (NSW) 7/6 Super Veterans Flight (66+) Quarter Finals Jean Liddy (QLD) defeated Barbara Wood (NSW) at the 21st Helen Stewart (VIC) defeated Rita McDougall (WA) 2/1 Kerry Regan (NSW) defeated Jeanette Smith (WA) 4/2 Joyce Smith (VIC) defeated Jan McNaught (WA) 4/3 Handicaps 17 22 Flight Quarter Finals Marjorie McFarlane (TAS) defeated Nona Sonners (TAS) 7/6 Judy Harvey (QLD) vs Robyn Hall (QLD) won on a forfeit Pauline Lyons (QLD) defeated Gillian Trowse (QLD) 2/1 Phyllis Fourte (QLD) defeated Barbara Conway (QLD) 3/2