Date: July 15, 2016
Author: Josh Leeson, Newcastle Herald

O’Reilly faces the trials of a tour pro life

It’s the side of life as a touring professional golfer that few people see.

Empty hotel rooms in foreign countries, make or break tour schools, putts that didn’t drop, and the pressure of scraping out a living on pro-am circuits around the country.

Many of us average golfers have at some point fantasised about a life chasing the big bucks as a professional golfer, and although it might appear more interesting and glamorous than an office or labouring job, it’s a grind. For every Jason Day or Adam Scott racking up millions in prize money, there’s many more golfers battling on country courses for cash to merely fill their car with petrol to reach the next town.

Former Golf NSW state representative Callan O’Reilly has embarked on this journey and has taken some time out to talk to Josh Leeson of the Newcastle Herald about the ups and downs of what's required to break through on tour HERE.