Date: November 14, 2017
Author: Shelley Peers, Teacher & MyGolf School Ambassador

Our Golf Experience � Southport Special School

By Shelley Peers – Teacher and MyGolf School Ambassador

At Southport Special School we strive to create learning experiences that ignite the senses, engage interests and are individualised to meet each student’s needs and our recent golf program offered all this and more!

During the year we found out about Sporting Schools funding and jumped at it. Being granted funds to assist us in delivering sports programs, has opened up opportunities for our students to take part in sporting activities that they would not usually be afforded to them in particularly golf.

We booked our sessions with Golf Queensland and we were then allocated – Grant from Parkwood Golf club – a very experienced coach our local golf club.

The club and coach were extremely accommodating and understanding of the differing needs of our students.

Why Golf? Golf is a mental and physical game that teaches our students hand eye coordination, focus, patience and  problem solving. It is also low impact and is great for their overall health.

Learning to play golf gives our students skills that they can carry through to their adult lives.

Our students loved being a part of the golf program. When I asked them their thoughts, this was some of the responses I received:

“It is great. I like the simulated golf course and playing mini golf.”

“I like hitting the ball over the bridge. I liked walking over the bridge too.”

“I am happy to give this new sport a go because it’s fun and I enjoy it.”