Date: October 03, 2013

Peninsula, Sunraysia & East Gippsland in the lead

Country Week players were once again tested with wet conditions this morning after three consecutive treacherous days out on the course. Thankfully the skies cleared up and a sunny afternoon was a welcome and desired break. At this point in the week, these country players have very little left in their tanks and there is still too much at stake on tomorrow’s final round.

In the Shield contests, the Peninsula and Ballarat Districts maintained their positions after the morning round with both teams defeating their opponents Bendigo and West Gippsland respectively. However, the afternoon heated up as these two teams faced each other in round 4. At the conclusion, it was Ballarat who ended up with a marginal half a point advantage heading for the final round after defeating the defending champions 6 matches to 3.  
Plate players will be pressured in the final round by the 2 team promotion and relegation condition. After being relegated in 2012, the Sunraysia team is determined to earn their place back in the top Division. The morning contest saw them obtaining a 1.5 point advantage over their closest rival Corangamite. Sunraysia powered through the afternoon contest and secured the lead after continuing to be undefeated. Their convincing win over Geelong has given them enough points and matches to allow them a very tranquil night sleep tonight.
Similarly, it is East Gippsland who after being relegated to the Bowl has brought their best performance to regain their position in the Plate in 2014. Currently, they are placed a whole point ahead of Wimmera, giving them a comfortable lead to facilitate their promotion.
The Shield will be playing their final and decisive round tomorrow at Long Island. The Plate and Bowl will wrap up on familiar soil as they head back to Eynesbury for the conclusion of the 2013 Men’s Country Week contests.  

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