Date: June 09, 2016
Author: Sarah Douglass-Norris, PGA & ALPG

PGA pros take on running school programs

I have had the opportunity deliver the MyGolf Sporting Schools Program to three different schools in South Australia so far this year and have enjoyed every minute of it.

In term one, I saw over 300 students from reception to year five at St Teresa's School. Despite limited space, we had fun putting in the playground where students created and measured their own golf holes. This helped incorporate maths into their golf lesson.

The year five students were able to go on an excursion to the local 9 holes golf course where many experienced a golf facility for the first time, which was very exciting for them.

Over the past four weeks I have coached the MyGolf Sporting Schools Program at Seacliff Primary School and Paringa Park Primary School teaching 300 students from years five – seven, including some with special needs.

It was particularly rewarding to see the students with special needs out perform their peers in some areas. The highlight was definitely urban golf around the school yard. This saw the students playing golf and hitting balls all around the school environment, which they thought was amazing.

To top it off, all five classes were able to walk to the local golf course to play golf. With the help of Nick McCormack – PGA member, we managed three stations including a putting competition, driving range session, and playing the 9th hole in teams. So many students were calling out, "This is so much fun", "I love golf" which is what this is all about!

The teachers at the schools have been fantastic and have been actively involved throughout the program. They have embraced golf and by actively helping out with the lessons they have gained a better understanding of how the program is delivered. I am positive these teachers will continue with school golf in some way or sign up for another grant next year.

In the last week some students have now joined the McCormack's Junior Golf Club, which we run at Adelaide Shores, and a number have expressed interest in playing SAPSASA golf. From the parents' feedback, it seems like the students are now persuading their parents to play golf with them after school.

It has been a very positive experience not only for me but for all of the students I have coached. The Sporting Schools is a great way of creating interest in golf and discovering new talent in a professional way. I have enjoyed being able to spread my love of golf to a large amount of students.

Story by Sarah Douglass-Norris – PGA Golf Professional and ALPG Member