Date: July 03, 2008

PGA sets record straight on Sweeney

The Professional Golfers Association of Australia has refuted suggestions that the Australian Golf Industry is in a state of disarray following a significant amount of media commentary as a result of the 2008 Sweeney Sports Report. The Sweeney Report and the consequential media commentary have painted a flawed and potentially damaging picture of the Australian Golf Industry, and the PGA of Australia wishes to not only respond, but also refute these claims, said Max Garske, the CEO of the PGA of Australia. Given the nature of the research, we feel it is irresponsible to draw such generalised conclusions and accordingly we feel the need to add context to the debate. Released in early June, the latest Sweeney Report stated that golf suffered most over the last twelve months with reported record lows in relation to participation and television viewing claims which the PGA of Australia says are both untrue and misleading. In order to provide a balanced assessment, the PGA of Australia has drawn together a wide range of market research on the current state of the Australian Golf Industry addressing all areas including media coverage, industry unity, participation, tournaments and elite performance. It is evident from broader analysis that the state of the Australian Golf Industry is far from dire. Never in history has the industry worked so closely together in an effort to develop the game at every level and, contrary to recent speculation, we are extremely confident of a promising future, said Garske.