Date: December 05, 2007

PGA Tour and PGA of Australia set for merger

The PGA of Australia and PGA Tour of Australasia members have now both overwhelmingly supported the proposed merger of the two organizations it was announced today. “This is an exciting time for Australian golf in general,” said Peter Senior, the incoming Chairman of the merged organisation. “It will ensure that professional golf, in particular, is more co-ordinated at all levels here in Australia and the merger will also support our international links with other PGA&aposs and PGA Tours around the world.” PGA Tour members yesterday strongly supported the merger at a specially convened meeting as part of the legal process. This followed the PGA of Australia vote a week earlier when nearly 98 percent of PGA members who voted, supported the merger. Both member votes were considerably higher than the minimum 50 percent required to approve the merger. “The overwhelming support of members from both organisations is gratifying and demonstrates clear commitment to the new organisation. It&aposs been a work in progress for a long time and its fulfilling to see it come to fruition,” said Max Garske, Chief Executive Officer of the PGA of Australia, who will be the CEO of the new organisation. The new organisation will be called the “Professional Golfers Association of Australia Limited”. The PGA Tour of Australasia brand name will continue to be used for the elite Australasian Tour. Mr. Max Garske will be Chief Executive Officer of New PGA and Mr. Ben Sellenger (CEO of Australasian Tour) will assume the position of Commissioner of the Tour Division. The President of the PGA of Australia Mr Geoff Scott will assume the position of Deputy Chairman of the new organization in 2008. Mr Scott and Mr Senior will alternate roles as Chairman until 2009 when a membership vote for a new board takes place. The implementation of the merger is now subject to final approval from the Federal Court of Australia. Pending this approval, the new organisation will formally commence operations on December 18, 2007.