Date: August 25, 2014
Author: Parkes Golf Club

Phipps in a boilover

Veteran golfer Ian Phipps caused a major boilover on Sunday when he overcame the strongest field ever to contest the Cunningham’s IGA Supermarket Scratch Shootout at the Parkes Golf Club.

Phipps in taking out the prestigious event had to overcome two chip offs including the mammoth nine player chip off on the Par 3, 6th hole as well as a chip off on the 16th hole that saw favourite Mitch McGlashan make an unexpected exit.

Earlier in the event reigning club champion Allan Jewell made a hasty exit and made a quick trip to the Parkes Hospital as his injured leg started to swell and all fellow golfers trust that he makes a rapid recovery.

Early departures by Wayne Parker, Mark Kelly, Peter Magill and Paul Massuritt by the end of five holes then saw one of the largest ever chip offs on the Par 3, 6th hole with no fewer than nine players involved and it was the unlucky Phil Barnard who became a spectator after recording a bogey 4.

The next three holes saw more of the favoured players leave the scene with Robert Hey recording a disastrous 8 on the Par 5, 7th hole then Ken Cobcroft surrendering on the Par 4, 8th hole with a triple bogey and on the Par 4th 9th hole the trees on the left side of the fairway ended Robert Cheney’s chances.

As the players entered the back nine holes several players were showing that they could become threats with Joey Van Opynen heading the challenge and he along with Blake Parker and eventual winner Ian Phipps seemed to be handling the pressure. 

Former winner Peter Dixon with a bogey 5 departed in a 5 way chip off when his chip failed to stay on the green on the 10th Hole and Denis Howard was next to go on the 11th Hole after a double bogey 5 and on the 12th Hole Tim Lasserre left the scene after an errant Tee Shot while John Green the only dual winner of the event went on the Par 5, 13th after a chip off with Blake Parker and Steve Edmonds.

Players at this stage were aware that anything worse than a par was certain disaster and on the 14th hole an injured Allan Jewell was forced out after a chip off with Steve Edmonds when they recorded double bogeys but at this stage no-one was aware of the severity of Jewell’s injured leg.

Once again the Par 3, 15th hole was to again prove the sleeping giant as Ian Phipps was the only player to par the hole with the remaining four players recording bogey’s and despite handling all the early pressure Joey Van Opynen was the player sent packing after two chip offs when he and Mitch McGlashan failed to stay on the green with their first chips.

However it was McGlashan who went next when he lost out to Ian Phipps in a chip off on the 16th hole.

With just two holes remaining it was now down to a battle between Blake Parker, Ian Phipps and Steve Edmonds and despite a magnificent drive to 100 metres of the green on the 17th hole it was Parker who was to pay the penalty for a poor approach as he missed the green which resulted in a bogey five and chip off with Edmonds who had battled bravely over the previous five holes.

Prior to commencing the final hole the event’s sponsor Peter Boschman of Cunninghams IGA Supermarket wished both players all the best and after both hit solid drives and approach shots it was Edmonds who missed with his 3 metre birdie putt only see Phillips calmly sink his 2 metre putt and achieve a remarkable victory.

Both Peter Boschman of Cunninghams IGA and the Club Captain Paul Thomas congratulated the players for the spirit the event was played in with Boschman also accepting the clubs congratulations from both officials and the players for his support and sponsorship. A sponsorship that will continue in 2015.