Date: May 31, 2018
Author: Golf Australia

Pitt joins Whateley for #callitout

The visibility of Vision 2025 took another key step this week when Golf Australia chief executive Stephen Pitt took to the airwaves with Gerard Whateley.

Pitt was in studio at SEN in Melbourne as part of the “Call it out” series to highlight the inappropriateness of violence, abuse and harassment to women.

He used the opportunity to highlight the industry-wide approach being taken by all in golf to address problems that inhibit the sport’s attraction and retention of women and girls.

“We’ve had environments for women and girls that haven’t been great to encourage them and make the game more accessible,” Pitt told Whateley.

“We’ve launched a program called Vision 2025 which is … about making significant, sustainable change within golf to make it more accessible and a better game for women and girls.

“It’s our responsibility as a sport to do that … but it’s great for golf, clubs will be healthier and stronger if we open up.”

“Call it out” is a Victorian government initiative to bolster respect for women. It calls on men to intervene when abuse and harassment of women is witnessed in every day situations.

“Saying something says something, doing nothing says something too, that you’re OK with it,” Whateley said.