Date: September 10, 2013
Author: Sarah Kennedy / Golf Australia

Play by the Rules

Play by the Rules is a great online tool providing information and learning for community sport and recreation. Focussing on developing inclusive and welcoming environments, they also provide information on how to prevent and deal with discrimination, harassment and child abuse in a sporting environment. In conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission, Play by the Rules has developed a number of online resources and training for people involved in all aspects of a sporting organisation including: coaches, administrators, officials, players, parents and spectators. Free Online Training Play by the Rules offers free online courses on some of the most important topics in sport, including: child protection, harassment and discrimination and complaint handling. They also offer free online training for Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs). By taking these courses you will upgrade your knowledge and skills, which will help to create safer, fairer and more inclusive environments for all people involved in sport. Click here to read more about the online training courses Interactive Scenarios Play by the Rules has developed short interactive scenarios on topical issues and challenges occurring in sport. These scenarios let you explore your understanding and beliefs about issues as well as provide practical tips about inclusive, safe and fair sports practices and procedures. Click here to read more about the interactive scenarios The Play by the Rules also offers clubs and members with a number of free resources and tool kits to help maintain and promote a safe, fair and inclusive environment for all involved. MYGolf encourages all Centre Coordinators, Coaches and Parents to familiarise themselves with the Play by the Rules website as well as sign up to their monthly e-bulletins.