Date: September 15, 2009


Golf is for everyone. Regardless of age or gender, golf is played by more than one million Australians each year – and numbers continue to grow. It can be as simple as social round with friends or competition golf at your local club. Golf lets you choose how you want to be involved. PLAY GOLF is the starting point for getting into golf at any level. Click here to find where you can get started in golf: How do I start? However you want! Golf allows for a variety of ways to get into the game. If you have not played before, you may want to consider a couple of lessons at a club near home. If you&aposre feeling confident, practice at the driving range. If you&aposve played before and want to again, book a tee-time at Your golf is whatever you want it to be. What&aposs involved? Essentially, you&aposll need yourself, golf clubs and golf balls. This equipment can be hired at low cost if you&aposre trying golf for the first time and don&apost want to commit to a set of clubs straight away. If you already have clubs, you&aposre set to go! Why choose golf? Golf is now a truly global sport and an extremely popular leisure activity for people worldwide. More than 1 million people play golf each year in Australia! It helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle, gets you out in the fresh air and gives participants the chance to see their game improve over time. Casual golf is a great way to experience a range of different golf courses and you can book a round through a few simple steps now. Click here: For more information about the types of golf competitions, click here. For information on golf etiquette, click here.