Date: April 25, 2018
Author: Paul Vardy

Poem: Thoughts from a new member

Further to our articles on looking after new members, a poem.

Thoughts from a New Member

I see you at the meetings,

But you never say hello.


You’re busy all the time you’re there

With those you really know.


I sit among the members,

Yet I’m a lonely gal.


The new ones feel as strange as I,

The old ones pass us by.


Darn it, you folks urged us to join

And talked of fellowship.


You could just cross the room, you know,

But you never make the trip.


Can’t you just nod your head and smile

Or stop and shake a hand,

Then go sit among your friends?

Now that I’d understand.

I’ll be at your next meeting,

And hope that you will spend

The time to introduce yourself,

I joined to be your friend.


Excerpted from the book The Fine Art of Small Talk (Hyperion) by Debra Fine

(Debra presented at the Club Managers Association of America World Conference in Feb 2016)