Date: November 01, 2014

Policies & Regulatory Codes

Golf Australia's Anti-Doping Policy

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You can also click on the links below to read about Therapeutic Use Exemptions – Under Golf Australia's Anti-Doping Policy.

Click here to view an article on the TUE Exemption Process

Click here to view the Abbreviated GA TUE Form

Click here to view the Standard ASDMAC TUE Form

Click here to view Key Changes to the 2010 Prohibited List

ASADA: Get Educated!

ASADA eLearning is an anti-doping education tool developed for the Australian sporting community.

ASADA is tasked to implement initiatives that increase the skills and knowledge of people involved in sporting activities about anti-doping matters. It provides everyone with the opportunity to learn about the key areas of anti-doping such as prohibited substances and methods, therapeutic use exemptions, doping control and whereabouts.

ASADA eLearning

Be aware of the 8 Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRV’s) – a positive test result can lead to one ADRV…there are 7 others!

The 8 Anti Doping Rule Violations



The List of Prohibited Substances and Methods

Around October each year, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) releases the List of Prohibited Substances and Methods which come into effect on 1 January, the following year. It is important to familiarise yourself with the incoming list each year to ensure you are ready for the change.

The 2019 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods

Further information can be found here:
ASADA Website
WADA Website
Check Your Substances Tool

NOTE: if you can’t find a substance on the Check Your Substances tool, it doesn’t mean it’s approved for use in sports. If you’re unsure or have any doubts or concerns, contact ASADA on 13 000 ASADA (13 000 27232) or



Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)

Athletes may at times need to use a prohibited medication to treat a legitimate medical condition.

A Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) is an exemption that allows an athlete to use, for therapeutic purposes only, an otherwise prohibited substance or method (of administering a substance) which may be present during competition.

Information from ASADA on TUE’s
ASDMAC Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) form
• Email: / Ph: +61 (02) 6222 4283

Do you think you need a TUE?

If you are still uncertain, athletes and support personnel are advised to use the Check Your Substances Tool

Find out more about banned substances and methods online through the ASADA website, or call the ASADA Hotline on 13 000 ASADA (13 000 27 232).


The Golf Australia Hot Weather Guidelines have been adapted from Sports Medicine Australia policies and guidelines regarding the prevention of heat illness in sport in children and adults.

It should be noted that these are purely guidelines.

They should be considered not just for competitors, but also for caddies, officials and volunteers involved in the game.

Golf Australia Hot Weather Policy