Date: July 10, 2013

Profile: John Wade


John Wade


When he was 17 John faced a crucial decision, which sport would he concentrate on Cricket, Aussie Rules or Golf?

Born in Tasmania, he played Aussie Rules until 1988 and was an opening batsman. "I used to see the new ball off," he says. "It was a tough decision but golf was of more long-term significance while I prefer the self motivation of golf."

He was brought up in a sporty background. His father, Ian, and elder brother, Cameron, played golf, the latter off 2, but his younger brother Robert has never picked up a club.

Wade represented Australia in the 1990 Eisenhower Trophy in New Zealand and won the Swiss Amateur in 1991. Collected the 42nd and last card at the Qualifying School in 1999.

His best international finish was a Top 10 result at the 1998 German Open on the European Tour.

In 2013, Wade qualified and competed in The Open Championship after shooting a 63 in the final round of 36-hole Local Final Qualifying at Dunbar in Scotland.

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Born: 4 October 1968, Hobart Tasmania.
Resides: Melbourne, Victoria.