Date: January 01, 2016

Profile: Stacey Keating


Stacey Keating

Date of Birth:


Most memorable moment:
Winning the Australian amateur

Steven Giuliano

Low round:
63 Sanctuary Lakes

Victoria Golf Club, Sanctuary Lakes

Favourite sporting team:
Geelong Cats

Favourite golfer:
Arnold Palmer

Favourite food:
Fruit Salad

What has been the most notable difference between competing as an Amateur to a Professional?
There is so much more competition, every week you turn up there is so many people that can win on any given week.. And it makes you realise that one bad week doesn't matter, you're only ever a week away from a good event. You have to take charge of everything – your team, finances, etc

Who has been your biggest influence in your development as a golfer and a person?
I have been very fortunate to have received a lot of guidance and advice of many different people who have helped me as a player and a person.. and they are- Karrie Webb, Steven Giuliano, Jamie Glazier and Ally Munt.

With golf now being an Olympic Sport, when do you see yourself representing Australia at the Olympics?
My aim is in 2016 for sure. That is a huge motivator for me at the moment.

Past results:
Winner – 2013 Victorian Open (ALPG)
Winner – 2012 French Open (Ladies European Tour)
Winner – 2012 Spanish Open (Ladies European Tour)
Winner – 2011 Port Kembla Pro-Am (ALPG)
Winner – 2011 Mt Broughton Pro-Am (ALPG)