Date: May 31, 2018
Author: Golf Queensland

Q&A with 2017 Isuzu Queensland Open winner Michael Sim

Planning and preparations are underway for the 2018 Isuzu Queensland Open Championship.

In 2017, an emotional Michael Sim celebrated his first Australian victory as a professional after a drama charged final round at the at the Isuzu Queensland Open Championship. Golf Queensland sits down for a chat with last year’s champion to find out what’s happened since this win.

Since winning the Isuzu Queensland Open last year, what has changed in your life?

Well the birth of our first child Jayden. He arrived on Valentine’s Day and doing extremely well. Simone and I are very proud parents.

Have you had a break since last year’s Open?

I have had a long break, I haven’t competed since the Australian PGA championship. I unfortunately missed out at Qualifying school in Japan last year which I was looking forward to playing this season. I missed out on playing the events early this year as my son was due on Sunday of the Perth international.

Have you enjoyed any other sport/activity to assist with training for golf and if so, what made you choose that sport/activity?

I really enjoy my cycling. I’m trying to get in about 150km a week alongside doing 2-3 sessions a week at The Pilates Pad. Reformer Pilates is great for golf, strength, core work and flexibility are the main areas I focus on.

Are you finding that you are enjoying something new in golf that perhaps you previously were not as keen on, such as a new type of swing or didn’t like putting and now you do?

Not really anything new. Trying to get back to what I used to do well. Driving and short game!

How are you feeling about your golf game now?

I’ve had about 6 rounds in 10 weeks, game actually doesn’t feel that far away. I shot solid rounds at hope island at the Qantas Golf Event in March.

What are the areas that you are working on for yourself to improve your game, if any improvement is needed?

My driving is slowly improving. I have gone back to a heavier shaft. I feel like I have more control and not really losing any distance.

Which is your next goal to beat? Next Championship, golf course hole that has challenged you or other?

My next goal would be to qualify for the Japanese tour for 2019. My next event will be the Fiji International in August.

What tips and training techniques would you recommend to new golfers?

The basic fundamentals are crucial for starting, grip, posture, alignment.

We’d love to see you back at the Isuzu Queensland Open (1-4 Nov 2018). Are you coming back this year to defend your title as Champion?

Certainly planning on defending my title in November.