Date: September 16, 2015
Author: Golf Victoria

Q&A with Cameron John

Club: Commonwealth

Age: 16

Coach: Tim Wendel

Handicap: +2

How and when did you start playing golf? 
I started golf when I was 3 years old. After I watched it on TV for about a year I decided I had to play.

Have you ever hit a hole-in-one?
Yes. My most recent was in a practice round for the ABIJC Australian Final at Heritage a couple years back on the 11th hole.

What is your favourite area of the game?
My favourite area of the game is putting because there is no better feeling than losing sight of the ball while your on the green.

Who is your favourite golfer and why?
My favourite golfer is still Tiger Woods because he was my inspiration as a young kid but if I could be like anyone on tour I would pick Rickie Fowler because he is the coolest guy.

How do you handle balancing golf with schooling and your personal life?
It's very tough, I mean I'm still trying to find the motivation to be able to go away and be able to be all about the golf while I'm on course and being a little more about school off the course.

You’ve had impressive results this year, including winning the Victorian Junior Masters and earning spots in State & National teams. Do you feel like this has been a breakout year for you?
I feel in a way yes but I know there is a lot more to go. I guess playing well in Vic Junior got me known but I think if I can break into the Men's team next year and have a good start to 2016 I will be even happier.

How do you see your golf progressing in the coming years?
I want to say National Squad member in the next year or two but that will all depend on my results so if I keep progressing how I am that’s where I am hoping to be.

Will we be seeing you compete at the 2016 Oates Vic Open?
I couldn’t think of anything better than coming back and competing again but it's going to come down to earning a start through an event either late this year or early next. I do see this as my most important thing early next year so I'll be giving it everything to try and get in.

Recently you represented Australia in Taiwan pairing with Becky Kay (QLD). Tell us what it was like to play in a mixed-gender partnership at International level?
I had a great time in Taiwan because the team environment both on and off the course was great and to have a partner as good as Becky was even better because we were both in form and ready to go low.

Do you handle flying and travel well?
I love flying and travelling. I think if I had it my way and I could afford it id be travelling 51 of the 52 weeks in a year. I'd have to say hello to mum and dad somewhere.

What is your standard breakfast before a competition? 
My normal breakfast when I’m playing an event close to home is usually just a bowl of nutri-grain and apple juice. Although when I stay at a hotel somewhere I love having some scrambled eggs and bacon before I go out.