Date: July 22, 2015
Author: Golf Victoria

Q&A with Matt Griffin

Where are you currently & what tour are you on? 
Hokkaido Japan, Japanese Golf Tour

How would you describe tour life in 5 words? 
Life of ups and downs.

What makes you love golf? 
The feeling you get when you execute the perfect shot under pressure.

What is your greatest golfing achievement to date? 
Winning the Korean PGA Championship

Favourite Australian course?
Royal Melbourne

Favourite International course? 
St Andrews

How many hole-in-ones have you hit? 

Do you hold any course records?
Yes – The Cut, WA

What was your first ever handicap? 
24, age 12 Cheltenham GC

Which item in your bag couldn’t you live without? 
Food – I eat constantly during tournaments

Who is your favourite sport team? 
Melbourne FC, AFL