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Queensland Indigenous Golf Program

Golf Queensland and the Greg Norman Golf Foundation are providing Indigenous people across a range of ages, the opportunity to learn golf skills in the Central Coast and South West areas of Queensland. Golf skills will not be limited to playing but also to coaching, with the training of indigenous volunteers to assist in the ongoing delivery of the program. The longevity of the program will be boosted by the involvement of these volunteers who will help keep participation levels as high as possible. The resources used will be Go Go Golf and Golf for Schools. Volunteers from the community will be trained as Level 1 Golf Coordinators. The volunteers will be expected to offer their assistance on a long term basis. The skill level of the volunteers will be enhanced so as to achieve the Level 1 standard. The school aged children in the community will be targeted for delivery of a series of structured coaching sessions to assist them gain the basic skills required to play golf. At the same time adults in the community will be given similar instruction. The Level 1 coordinators will be able to organise golf sessions at the club and also provide ongoing assistance to the players when the coaching sessions are completed. The coaching sessions will be conducted by a PGA golf professional.