Date: September 20, 2007

Queensland & NSW set for showdown

Queensland has scored an emphatic 8-3 win over hosts Tasmania to shoot to the top of the standings after day three, just half a point ahead of defending champs New South Wales. Queensland started the day in positive fashion, taking three of the opening foursomes matches before Andrew Dodt led his team to victory in the afternoon. The Australian Amateur Stroke Play Champion carded an amazing run of seven consecutive birdies to overcome a stiff challenge from Craig Hancock. Dodt was three behind before his streak but remarkably, only won four of those holes which was a credit to Hancock who stuck with him the entire way. James Pyke and Paul Marshall scored wins for Tassie, but it was the narrow one-hole victories earlier by Brett Rankin, Blake McGrory and Adam Gemmell that earned Queensland the win and number one spot. New South Wales maintained their pressure though with a hard-fought win over rivals Victoria. The win was set up in the foursomes with three of the pairings emerging successful before the defending champs did enough to claim victory in the singles. Brothers Scott and Jamie Arnold must have had some kind of connection when winning their respective matches 4&3 while Grant Scott had an emphatic 8&7 win over Jeremy Loomes. Josh Younger and Matthew Griffin both posted victories over National Squad team mates Tim Stewart and Rohan Blizard but it was New South Wales that took the spoils by two matches. Western Australia scored a narrow victory over South Australia despite the best efforts of giant-killer Peter Cooke. The South Australian has recorded three consecutive singles wins against National Squad players, with his latest scalp being that of Rick Kulacz. Western Australia set up the win with a procession in the morning singles. Four consecutive victories put them on track, despite a late South Australian comeback in the singles. New South Wales and Queensland are also set to fight it out for the Colts title after both sides scored wins on day three at Mowbray Golf Club. New South Wales had a one-point win over Victoria while Queensland narrowed the point differential with a 7-1 romp over Tasmania. Matthew Giles was again on target, winning his singles and foursomes match alongside Rhys McGovern while Jared Consoli got Queensland&aposs singles underway in style with a 3&2 win over Richard Kube. Standings Queensland 3 contests, 22 matches New South Wales 3 contests, 21 matches Western Australia 1 contests, 16 matches Victoria 1 contest, 14 matches Tasmania contest, 12 matches South Australia 0 contests, 13 matches SOUTH AUSTRALIA 4 lost to WESTERN AUSTRALIA 6 FOURSOMES: P Cooke & J Sherratt lost to R Kulacz & J Scrivener 3&2 N Cullen & J Roxby lost to B Haines & M Jager 2 down C Brown & B Hallam lost to M Foster & S Hunter 5&4 C Austin & S Speirs lost to M Dennis & B Ninyette 2&1 SINGLES: P Cooke d. R Kulacz 3&2 J Sherratt lost to M Foster 1 down B Hallam lost to S Hunter 2&1 J Roxby d. B Haines 3&2 C Brown sq M Dennis N Cullen d. J Scrivener 3&2 S Speirs d. M Jager 2&1 QUEENSLAND 8 d. TASMANIA 3 FOURSOMES: J Pyke & M Schulze lost to A Dodt 7 R Beaufils 6&5 J Cassidy & C Hancock d. A Gemmell& M McBain 3&2 P Marshall & R McCarthy lost to B Rankin & D Nisbet 3&2 J Carswell & A Ring lost to R Batibasaga & B McGrory 2&1 SINGLES: C Hancock lost to A Dodt 1down J Pyke d R Beaufils 3&2 P Marshall d. R Batibasaga 6&5 R McCarthy lost to B Rankin 1 down M Schulze lost to B McGrory 1 down J Cassidy lost to A Gemmell 1 down A Ring lost to D Nisbet 2&1 NEW SOUTH WALES 6 d. VICTORIA 4 FOURSOMES: J Younger & M Griffin d R Blizard & R Bezuidenhout 2&1 T Prowse & A Umbers lost to S Arnold & J Arnold 3&2 L Bleumink & L Deagan lost to J Roach & G Scott 3&2 J Loomes & D Beckmann lost to T Stewart & R Gallichan 3&3 SINGLES: J Younger d. Rohan Blizard 4&3 M Griffin d. T Stewart 1 up D Beckmann lost to J Arnold 4&3 A Umbers lost to R Gallichan 4&3 L Bleumink d. Justin Roach 4&3 J Loomes lost to Grant Scott 8&7 T Prowse sq S Arnold Colts Standings New South Wales 3 contests, 16 matches Queensland 2 contests, 13 matches Western Australia 1 contests, 12 matches South Australia 1 contests, 11 matches Tasmania 1 contest, 7 matches Victoria 0 contests, 10 matches SOUTH AUSTRALIA 4 sq WESTERN AUSTRALIA 4 FOURSOMES: J Corbett & A Wickstein d. F Tully & G Reed 6&5 A Na & J McDonald lost to J Carr & C Price 5&4 H Riches & B MCBride d. J Martino & M Montgomery 1 up SINGLES: A Wickstein lost to J Carr 5&4 J Corbett lost to F Tully 3&2 J McDonald lost to J Martino 2&1 A NA d. M Montgomery 3&2 B MCBride d. C Price 2&1 QUEENSLAND 7 d. TASMANIA 1 FOURSOMES: P Hall & G Fairfax d. Luke Young & A Brett 2&1 S Smith & J Consoli d. S Purdon & G Longmore 3&1 B Fletcher & K O&aposSullivan sq Ka Richardson & R Kube SINGLES: P Hall d. K Richardson 1 up S Smith d. G Longmore 3&1 G Fairfax d. L Young 1 up B Fletcher sq A Brett J Consoli d. R Kube 3&2 NEW SOUTH WALES 4 d. VICTORIA 3 FOURSOMES: M Giles & R McGovern d. C Hasthorpe & D Popovic 2 up K Sim & D Kim lost to M Moore & B Weatherly 1 down M Jones & L Henwood d. A McCleary & R Lynch 3&2 SINGLES: M Giles d. M Moore 3&2 K Sim sq D Popovic R McGovern lost to C Hasthorpe 2&1 L Henwood d. A McCleary 2&1 M Jones lost to B Weatherly 3&2