Date: April 30, 2015
Author: Mark Hayes

Queensland scuppers rivals’ hopes

Queensland will play Victoria in the final of the men’s Interstate Teams Championship.

The Queenslanders put paid to the mathematical chances of New South Wales and Western Australia when they breezed past South Australia 7-0 this morning at Huntingdale.

NSW held up its end of the bargain by pounding the Northern Territory 7-0, but finished a half-point behind Queensland, with the idle WA team a further half-point behind in fourth.

Victoria edged past the gallant Tasmanians 4-3 to remain unbeaten in the preliminary rounds and will be chasing history tomorrow against Queensland.

With its women’s, boys’ and girls’ teams all successful in the national championship in the past month, a win to the men tomorrow will provide an unprecedented sweep.

NSW will face WA in the third-place playoff with Tasmania against South Australia in a battle for fifth.

The Northern Territory finished winless in seventh place, but won four matches for the week in a memorable and successful debut in the championship.