Date: August 30, 2007

R&A Announces New Rules on Club Adjustability

MEDIA RELEASE: The R&A The R&A has announced a change to the Rules of Golf regarding additional forms of club adjustability, effective from 1 January, 2008. All new forms of adjustability must be approved in advance by The R&A and adjustments during a round will continue to be disallowed as at present. The Rules of Golf currently state that woods and irons must not be designed to be adjustable, except for weight. In March 2005, The R&A first indicated an interest in allowing more types of adjustable features on woods and irons and in February 2007, a proposed Rule change was published for review and comment. The R&A has decided to adopt the proposal after careful consideration of comments from manufacturers and other interested parties. “We believe that the Rule change regarding club adjustability will create opportunities for both manufacturers and golfers alike, without diminishing the challenge of the game,” said David Rickman, R&A Director of Rules and Equipment Standards. “Top professional golfers have long had the opportunity to have their clubs adjusted or modified quickly and often. This has allowed them to &aposfit&apos their clubs to their swings as they wished. By changing the Rules to permit greater club adjustability, all golfers will have the opportunity to enjoy similar fitting benefits” added Rickman. Further Information: Peter Dawson, Chief Executive David Rickman, Director of Rules and Equipment Standards The R&A Tel: +44 1334 460000