Date: July 16, 2011

R&A launches club sustainability website

The R&A has launched a new website, targeted at decision makers in golf facilities with the executive power to initiate and drive change, which focuses on the sustainable management and development of golf courses. Visit The launch of the new The Golf Course website is a natural evolution of The R&A s continuing commitment to improving the sustainability of the game s playing environment said Peter Dawson, The R&A s Chief Executive. As golf’s environmental credentials come under ever-increasing legislative scrutiny, The R&A remains dedicated to providing front-line support and guidance to assist golf courses to meet these challenges. With guidance on sustainable practices and a database of international case studies, features and news bulletins, the website will provide decision makers at golf facilities with practical help, so that they can realise the benefits of adopting the principles of sustainable management. Adherence to the core principles detailed on The Golf Course website promises: – increased revenue through the development of greater year round playability – reduced costs through more efficient practices and reductions in unnecessary inputs – enhanced nature on the course, which has been shown to be a draw to potential customers improved relations with the community, through promotion of social responsibility, local co-operation and by broadening the potential market for golf. Golf s intimate relationship with its environment requires courses around the world to build resilience into their future operations. The new website encourages a four-fold process of developing and maintaining high standards of playing performance, building financial security, protecting and enhancing natural ecosystems and promoting the game s environmental benefits to wider, non-golfing audiences.