Date: March 03, 2013
Author: R&A

R&A statement on proposed anchoring rule change

The R&A is considering the submissions it has received from individuals and organisations regarding the proposed change to the Rules of Golf that would prohibit the anchoring of the club in making a stroke. The 90-day period where parties were invited to comment on the proposed Rule 14-1b has ended. Anchoring has been a polarising issue in our sport and despite having weighed the matter thoroughly before making the proposal, we believed it was important to give stakeholders in the game the opportunity to air their views. Our consultation period has generated a number of considered responses which have continued to arrive right up to the deadline,” a spokesman for The R&A said, “We appreciate those responses and will take time to review and evaluate them.” “We note that this matter has proved particularly sensitive in the United States, while the proposed Rule change has been received more favourably across the international golfing community. As we have throughout this process, we will work closely with the USGA in moving towards a final resolution.”